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Fri – August 21st 7:30 or 8:00 PM
1374 Clinton Street Route 354
Attica (near Rt. 77)

(585) 591-2314
In the Grove.


Thur – Aug 27 – 7:00 – 9:00
Griffith Park
50 Griffith Street, Sloan 14212


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the month of September

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Fri – October 16th  – 8:00 PM
1374 Clinton Street

Route 354

Attica (near Rt. 77) (585) 591-2314



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Crash Cadillac Vol.2



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Sorry friends it has been awhile since I have done a blog. Between two new grandchildren, acquiring guardianship of my mom and dealing with a few medical setbacks I just haven't found the time.  Now that things are starting to settle down and I'm healing from full knee replacement surgery, I want to say a few things. First of all, all of you have been such a blessing to our lives.  The prayers, the well wishes, the support, the smiles, the handshakes and the hugs have helped us through many challenges over the last couple years and we can't thank you enough. The beautiful flowers, cards and prayers, during my recent surgery, literally brought tears to my eyes. A few of  you have helped to take care of me by carting me around in a wheelchair, driving me here and there to appointments, bringing us delicious food and heartwarming gifts or by simply sitting down, visiting and sharing friendly conversation.  Oh yes, and then there's the escorting me on and off the stage, bringing me water, lifting my leg and seeing to it that I have everything I need or want to keep me comfortable.  It is all so truly amazing. My wonderful husband has had his hands full pulling double and even triple duty, taking care of me, Dozer and all of the household duties, around the clock....... Our children have set aside their busy lives to cook... prepare... clean, and do things to make our life a little easier. I'm sorry this is a little lengthy but I have so much to say and I want to reach every one of you...  Crash Cadillac is not just a band.... We are not just a group of friends that get up there and perform. It's so much more than that. The passion the commitment, the dedication... talent and love that we share between ourselves on and off the stage is a special bond, no one could ever imagine. The smiles we share, the deep love and support and the way we care for each other is something I'm sure many families have never even experienced. The talent of the four gentlemen that I share the stage with sends chills through my body every time we perform.. And when I watch all of our fans looking up at us and smiling and clapping and dancing and truly enjoying every moment proves to me that this is what we are meant to do with our lives and when we see you reacting this way it drives our passion even more... I cannot thank you all enough for sharing this life with us.... This is what make us successful. I know that if it weren’t for the other (better) halves of our lives, Donna, Joe, Debbie, Lori and Claudia offering strong support, we couldn’t appreciate, with comfort, our commitment to the band and we are grateful for them. Donna and Joe, you both are our ROCK. Our Crash Cadillac family gets larger and larger and we love every minute of it.... I thank God for blessing us with this love and talent and for allowing us to touch every heart and for every heart that touches us...
Love you all...
Bye for now



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Don or Donna Vaccaro

119 Greeley St.

Buffalo NY, 14207

(716) 876- 3189

Use home # First

Cell - (716) 984-5397





"America Has Faith"

a 9/11 tribute song

by Linda Giancarlo now for sale.

please call 549-6844 or

message me if you would like a CD.

they are $5.00 each and

proceeds will go to

Tuesdays Children
Non-profit organization

providing support and

services for the children of 9/11

and others impacted

by global terrorism.



We would like to congratulate

our Sound Tech

Joey G.

(linda's Husband)

for being CANCER FREE!

for 12 years





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Linda Giancarlo



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